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Thursday, 23 July 2020

Dard Shayari in Hindi | Best Collections of Shayari Images 2020

Dard Shayari verbally we use it in Hindi. Most people in India understand Hindi very well. Not only this, with the help of the Hindi language you can do it better.

So whether we are Hindi Dard Shayari or any other Shayari, we are forced to publish in Hindi. It can only be because of your love for your language. You must understand.

तुझे चाहा भी तो इजहार न कर सके 
कट गई उम्र किसी से प्यार न कर सके,
तूने मांगा भी तो अपनी जुदाई मांगी 
और हम थे की इनकार न कर सके ।

Even if I wanted, I could not express it.
Lost age could not love anyone.
You asked for our separation too.
And we were unable to deny it.


आज हम उनको बेवफा बताकर आए हैं 
उनके खातों को पानी में बहकर आए हैं,
कोई निकाल न ले उन्हे पानी से 
इस लिए पानी में भी आग लगा कर आए हैं । 

Today we have come as disloyalty to them.
Their letters have flowed into the water,
Do not take them out of the water.
For this reason, water has also been set on fire.


याद तेरी आती है क्यों 
यू तड़पाती है क्यों ?
दूर है जब जाना था 
फिर रुलाती है क्यों ?
दर्द हुआ है ऐसे 
जले पे नामक जैसे । 
खुद को भी जानता नहीं 
तुझे भुलाऊ कैसे ?

I miss you why
Why are u suffering?
Away when you had to go
Why do you make me cry again?
It hurts like salt on the burn.
Don't even know me
How to forget you?


इंतज़ार की आरज़ू अब खो गई है 
खामोशीयों की आदत हो गई है 
न सिकवा रहा न शिकायत किसी से 
अगर है तो एक मोहबत 
जो इन तन्हाईयों से हो गई है

The wait is now lost.
It has become a habit of silence.
Neither was I complaining nor complaining to anyone.
If it is an affair,
Which has happened from this loneliness?


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